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The Deadpod

Nov 17, 2009

This week's Dead show is more than just a classic 1977 show - its that for sure - and its much more than the first time we get an Eyes of the World going into an Estimated Prophet - although this show is the first time that happens too.. its the kind of magical, rocking, charging life affirming and soul-baring music that makes me fall in love with the Grateful Dead over and over again..

There's plenty to love in this set - the fine Samson->Cold rain starts the set perfectly.. the Playin' in the band builds and builds and then explodes into the Eyes of the World that is played at a real breakneck pace. While I'm not often a fan of Eyes played this way, Jerry's almost maniacal energy on this version can't fail but bring you up out of your feet - its almost 'hummingbird' like in the way he makes that guitar flitter and sing.. followed by a good Estimated, but then Phil drops the hammer and the band goes into a short, but intense, Other One...
after drums.. the band slowly builds into an Aiko, Aiko that is surprisingly slow-paced, but the band then drops into a classic 1977 Stella Blue, then a playin' reprise to end the set..
The encore tells us the band has had as much fun as we have...

Grateful Dead
Cotterell Gym, Reid Athletic Center, Colgate University
Hamilton, NY
Set II:
"Meet The Jones Gang" [2:36]
Samson & Delilah -> [7:22]
Cold Rain & Snow [8:30]
Playing in the Band -> [12:52]
Eyes of the World -> [12:50]
Estimated Prophet -> [11:40]
The Other One ->[4:57]
Drums -> [3:17]
Iko Iko -> [10:05]
Stella Blue ->[12:12]
Playing in the Band [7:04]

Johnny B. Goode [5:06]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Special thanks to our friends at Keely Electronics for their kind equipment donation!