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The Deadpod

Dec 31, 2010

t's not every year that NYE falls on a Friday, so I decided I should take advantage of the occasion to play a NYE show. The Dead were of course famous for their NYE concerts and the radio broadcasts of same that often provided many of us with a joyful experience of the boys we perhaps didn't get to see as often as...

Dec 17, 2010

I'm a sucker for these wonderful 73 shows - this one was just recently released and I can't help but want to play for you here on the Deadpod.. while the 1st set is not as spectacular as set 2 (we will hear it soon, promise!), there's simply no excuse not to play every bit of this. I hope you agree!!

Grateful Dead -...

Dec 10, 2010

Yes its true that I played this week's 2nd set before - but I think its worth the repeat for the chance to savor this second set from November 15th, 1972.. in particular the 30 minute + Playin' in the Band can really carry you off on a wonderful psychic ride.. Enjoy!!!

Grateful Dead - November 15, 1972
Oklahoma City...

Dec 3, 2010

I usually try not to repeat the same year too often on the Deadpod, but I'm making an exception for this tape, which I just recently acquired. This is indeed another show from 1972, but it is so good that I wouldn't think of not sharing it with you..
This week we'll listen to the first set, which features some wonderful...