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The Deadpod

Dec 31, 2010

t's not every year that NYE falls on a Friday, so I decided I should take advantage of the occasion to play a NYE show. The Dead were of course famous for their NYE concerts and the radio broadcasts of same that often provided many of us with a joyful experience of the boys we perhaps didn't get to see as often as we would like. I recall several New Years evenings at the radio station listening to the simulcast.. ahhhhh .. I can't claim that I heard this one, but as it marks the transition from one great GD year to another, I decided it would definitely be worth playing.. I really love the energy coming out of the New Year countdown into Around and Around.. the Jack Straw is awesome and I think in general the band is in fine form...

Grateful Dead 
Date:  12/31/72 - Sunday 
Location:  Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA 

Around And Around    04:20
Deal    04:10
Mexicali Blues    03:21
Brown Eyed Women    04:41
Box Of Rain    04:58
Jack Straw    04:45
Don't Ease Me In    04:46
Beat It On Down The Line    03:15
Candyman    03:04
El Paso    04:04
Tennessee Jed    07:31
Playing In The Band    18:45
Casey Jones    06:04
set music:

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