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The Deadpod

Dec 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I do hope this finds all of you well and happy this holiday season - its a time we should all reflect on the blessings we have, hard as that is sometimes during times like these..

As always I like to bring you some acoustic music this time of year..
So here is a set from the famous fall of 1980...

Dec 5, 2008

Hope you had a wonderful holiday - this week I'm going to finish playing that wonderful show from 1971 we started two weeks ago - this second part features an absolutely inspired Not Fade Away->Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad into one of those classic Pigpen Lovelights..

Grateful Dead - August 4, 1971
Terminal Island...

Dec 1, 2008

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. I know how grateful I am for all my blessings and hope you feel the same way..
This week I continue my tradition of bringing you acoustic Dead around the holidays.
Two shows this week - the first from the iconic accoustic sets from the fall of 1980:

Grateful Dead -...