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The Deadpod

Feb 23, 2007

In this week's show we continue with the second set from 12/28.78 - this starts with a rockin' high-energy Shakedown Street.. check out the great transition jam from Estimated into Eyes.. All in all I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one..

Grateful Dead Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse San Diego,...

Feb 16, 2007

This week, a listener suggestion I think you'll enjoy.. a great show from the end of 1978. This show starts with a smoking Sugaree, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it..

Grateful Dead Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse San Diego, CA
12/28/78 - Thursday
One:  Sugaree [14:13] ; Beat It On Down The Line [3:12]...

Feb 9, 2007

This week I'm bringing you the second set from 8/30/81.. Due to our longer format I'm going to include everything but the encore.. I think you'll really enjoy Jerry's vocals on this Stella Blue, and I find myself really enjoying the energy on this set..

Grateful Dead - August 30, 1981 Compton Terrace Amphitheatre...

Feb 2, 2007

Happy Groundhog day!
This week, an overlooked show that I think is quite fine.. from 1981, a very original setlist and some fine playing, I think you'll enjoy it..

It's also the start of our pledge drive on the radio station, so its time for me to ask you for your support for the podcast, and the radio show. If you'd...