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The Deadpod

Aug 19, 2011

High time for some classic '68 Dead.. this week's show contains a wonderful classic Dark Star from 1968.. its from 'Betty Nelson's Organic Raspberry Farm' in Sultan WA., and took place on September 2nd, 1968. While the tape does have its share of rough spots it really is a quite spectacular record of the band as it is...

Aug 12, 2011

This week's Deadpod, by listener request, is a great sounding show from Eugene Oregon, home of many fine shows. This one comes from May 7th, 1984.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the sound quality on this one and the band really does rock it on this night. Next week's second set is not to be missed!

Grateful Dead  
5/7/84 -...

Aug 5, 2011

This week we have a fine second set from July 29th, 1988 to entertain us as we reflect on how fortunate we were to have Jerry Garcia share his talents with us. This is a great example of a late 80s second set, with an unusual China Cat->Crazy Fingers->I Know You Rider to open the set. This is followed by a Playin'...