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The Deadpod

Jan 26, 2007

This week I get to satisfy two different kinds of requests... I had a few nice folks who wanted to hear more from last week's podcast.. 4/14/72, so we're going to really get into the heart of the show tonight. I've also had a few folks telling me that they would really like it if the deadpod were longer each week.. well...

Jan 19, 2007

Hello Friends!
For some reason I always find that the shows from the European 72 tour sound especially good to my ears during the Winter. This week I decided to bring you part of a very nice show from Copenhagen Denmark from April 1972. I think you'll enjoy it - I know I always love having Pigpen in the mix..


Jan 12, 2007

This week, a classic late 70s show that I'm sure you're going to enjoy.

Grateful Dead - April 6, 1978
Curtis Hixon Hall - Tampa, FL

It Must Have Been The Roses [6:06] ;Estimated Prophet [12:17] > He's Gone [12:28]
The Other One [15:46] > Wharf Rat [11:21]

I think you'll enjoy the sound of this one. As always my...

Jan 5, 2007

This week, a really nice recording of a show from the end of 1990.

Grateful Dead 12/09/90 Compton Terrace Amphitheatre Chandler, AZ

Hell In A Bucket 6:58> Bertha 8:03 Little Red Rooster 9:18 Jack-A-Roe 5:15 Maggie's Farm 7:28 Black Throated Wind 7:09 Bird Song 14:15 Valley Road 4:43

Thanks for listening and for your...