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The Deadpod

Nov 2, 2007

This week I'm trying something crazy - this week's Deadpod is an entire, complete show from 1976. This is a *huge* file folks, and I hope that you are all able to listen to this and enjoy this really unique show. I'm doing this as a favor to one of the friends of the Deadpod who is running in this weekend's NYC Marathon, and hoped to get to hear a complete show. I've also had requests for a mid-70s show and a 'help->slip->Franklin's'.. well this show has an epic Franklin's so I really hope that all of you have the time and bandwidth to hear it all.. Thanks for your understanding and we'll see how this one goes - I couldn't possibly post something this large every week, but what the hell, let's see how it goes!! And Best of luck to you David, and anyone else in the Marathon!

Grateful Dead
Venue Community War Memorial Auditorium Rochester, NY
Date 9/27/76 - Monday
One The Promised Land [3:58] % They Love Each Other [6:53] % El Paso [3:59] % Deal [4:32] % Looks Like Rain [7:48] % Row Jimmy [9:33] % It's All Over Now [5:28] % Loser [7:39] % Lazy Lightnin' [2:42] > Supplication [5:03] % Brown Eyed Women [4:35] % The Music Never Stopped [6:11]
Two Might As Well [5:59] % Samson And Delilah [6:38] % Help On The Way [4:54] > Slipknot! [7:33] > Drums [5:50] > The Other One [9:55] > Wharf Rat [10:39] > Slipknot! [2:21] > Franklin's Tower [17:32] > Around And Around [7:01]
Encore U.S. Blues [5:43]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here: