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The Deadpod

Sep 18, 2020

This week we set the way-back machine to 1972, and travel to Waterbury CT, for a show the band played on September 23, 1972. The first set, which we will hear this week, while fairly standard for the period is still quite long compared to later day Dead sets. 

The start off with a still-new 'Big River' and I think this is a fine opener, shame they didn't leave it here more often.. There are a passel of great standards here in the first set, including Sugaree, a speedy 'Friend of the Devil', a very nice 'China>Rider' and a wonderful 'Bird Song' (aren't all '72 Bird Songs' wonderful?). 

There is some silly if unintelligible banter  before 'El Paso' and they boys leave us with one very exploratory jam in the set closing 'Playin' in the Band' - listen to how Garcia stretches this one out. 



Grateful Dead
Palace Theatre
Waterbury, CT 9/23/72 - Saturday     posters     tickets, passes & laminates
One - 1:36:00    
Big River [4:41] ;
Sugaree [7:21] ;
Mexicali Blues [3:27] ;
Friend Of The Devil [3:19] ;
Black Throated Wind [6:41] ;
China Cat Sunflower [7:36] >
I Know You Rider [5:26] ;
Me And My Uncle [2:58] ;
Tennessee Jed [7:40] ;
Jack Straw [4:53] ;
Bird Song [10:11] ;
El Paso [4:29] ;
Deal [4:15] ;
Playing In The Band [17:55] 

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