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The Deadpod

Jul 31, 2015

On this Blue Moon Friday, we present the 2nd installment of the Grateful Dead's performance at Watkins Glen Speedway on July 28th, 1973. We start with the last song of the 1st set, but arguably the highlight of the show, a classic 'Playin' In the Band'. This one is in my opinion, on a par with the famous soundcheck of the previous day. It doesn't take them long to jump off on a psychedelic musical exploration here. Garcia's leads us on a fantastic voyage here, with a sound that at times I've heard described as a 'swarm of hornets', he leads us way out there. While this jam perhaps doesn't last as long as the day before, I would argue its clearly top shelf jazz improvisation. The second set starts with an 'Around and Around' patched from an audience copy, but we're back to the soundboard for a unique, funky, Loose Lucy. He's Gone develops nicely but transitions rather abruptly into Truckin'. This one suffers some audio problems but nothing to detract from the nice jam that follows the chorus.. where Jerry winds into a "Nobody's Fault' line .. the last minute or so they get a bit lost before going into .... 'El Paso'! .. like coming out of a dark room into the sunshine.. :) Our trip back to the summer of '73 closes this week with a China->Rider.. ahhh that sweet waterfall coming from Jerry's Guitar.. then that engine rolling down the track :) . see you in August! 


Grateful Dead

Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY (7/28/73)

end of set 1:

Playing in the Band
set 2: (partial)

Around and Around
Loose Lucy
Big River
He's Gone
Nobody's Jam
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
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