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The Deadpod

Jun 14, 2019

This one's a keeper... a birthday request from Steve, a friend of the Deadpod, this comes to us from October 2nd, 1972, from Springfield MA.

This is a fine recording from one of the high water marks of the band's history. This 14 song first set consists of well-played versions of many of their standards as well as some wonderful jamming and interplay - especially on 'Bird Song', 'Black Throated Wind' and the almost 21 minute 'Playin' In the Band'.

Please excuse the short introduction - just had a cortisone shot in my hand and its still numb :(


Enjoy this beauty this summer weekend...


Grateful Dead

Springfield Civic Center Arena

Springfield, MA 10/2/72 - Monday




Cold Rain And Snow [#5:18] ;

Mexicali Blues [3:17] ;

Tennessee Jed [7:36] ;

Beat It On Down The Line [3:16]  ;

Bird Song [12:44] ;

Black Throated Wind [6:#03] ;

Big Railroad Blues [3:46] ;

El Paso [4:18] ;

Brown Eyed Women [4:43] ;

Cumberland Blues [6:32] ;

Jack Straw [4:39] ;

Don't Ease Me In [3:30] ;

Playing In The Band [20:#53] ;

Casey Jones [6:24]



Much love to the kind folks whose contributions make the Deadpod possible!