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The Deadpod

May 4, 2018

We open the month of May here on the Deadpod with a great second set from 1977, as we continue our presentation of April 23rd, 1977 at the Springfield Civic Center Arena in Springfield MA. This set starts with the famous 'take a step back' exhortation to the crowd, but the band fires things up most excellently with a very tight 'Estimated Prophet'. Not only are the harmonies great here but Jerry has that twangy 77 sound that makes this one so sweet. Bertha follows, more melodic than rockin' here.. The familiar bass line of 'The Music Never Stops' follows, as the band high step into this favorite. Jerry really gets cranking here, even though the jam won't go on as long as we might like. The Help>Slip>Frank that follows is for my money clearly the highlight here. Such a joy to listen to.. I find myself wishing that Slipknot! could go on and on.. but then I'd miss Jerry's mindbending solos during Franklin's :)

They close the second set with a great trifecta; 'Around and Around'>'Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad'>'Not Fade Away'.

Nothin' left to do.. :)



Grateful Dead

Springfield Civic Center Arena

Springfield, MA

4/23/77 - Saturday


Estimated Prophet [7:34] ;

Bertha [7:03] ;

The Music Never Stopped [5:59] ;

Help On The Way [4:25] >

Slipknot! [8:53] >

Franklin's Tower [10:24] >

Around And Around [6:49] >

Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [8:49] >

Not Fade Away [11:14]

Encore One More Saturday Night [4:40]


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