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The Deadpod

Feb 13, 2015

Yowza! When a tape such as the one we're going to hear this week sees the light of day I simply can't contain my enthusiasm.This tape comes from June 5th, 1970 - Fillmore West San Francisco California.. that's right 1970.. one of the greatest watershed years in the band's history and one that has always been sadly underrepresented in terms of recordings.. Furthurmore the provenance of this tape traces back to Bear who recorded it on a Sony 770 reel to reel deck. We have both an acoustic and electric set.. and I can't possible not play the entire set for you this week.

Naturally there are various tape dropouts and cuts, reel flips, etc... a small price to pay for this fabulous treasure, in my opinion. This is a real beauty my friends.. I hope you savor it as much as I have!


Grateful Dead

Fillmore West, San Francisco CA

June 5, 1970 Friday


Acoustic Set:

Missing:Dire Wolf

I Know You Rider

Silver Threads And Golden Needles

Friend Of The Devil

Me And My Uncle

Black Peter

/New Speedway/Boogie*


Electric Set:

/Cold Rain And Snow*


Mama Tried

Cryptical-Drums-Other One-Cryptical Reprise/*

/Attics Of My Life*

Hard To Handle

It's A Man's World

Uncle John's Band

/Saint Stephen*

Casey Jones


*denotes cuts or abrupt reel stops & start


PA hum thru-out the show



You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


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