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The Deadpod

Oct 17, 2014


This week's Deadpod, the second set from Barcelona Spain on October 19th, 1981, bursts out of the gate with a smoking Scarlet Begonias into Fire on the Mountain. Garcia clearly wants this one to stand out, and his leads throughout are choice. Garcia is clearly inspired throughout.. even on the Sailor ->Saint, Garcia shines on one of the best versions ever... there's a nice little space that follows, then after a short drums an excellent, if too short, full blown Spanish Jam leads into a very fine Other One. The Stella Blue that flows out from that is excellent as is the Sugar Magnolia with full blowin Weir driving this one.. A fine show from start to finish, I hope you enjoy this one.



Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain (10/19/81)
Set 2

Scarlet Begonias->
Fire on the Mountain->
Lost Sailor->
Saint of Circumstance->
Spanish Jam->
The Other One->
Stella Blue->
Sugar Magnolia

Don't Ease Me In
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