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The Deadpod

Mar 24, 2017

I'm guessing that if you listened to last week's Deadpod you know that this week's second set from 3/31/73 is going to be great.. great sound.. great playing.. great X factor. I love this show and hope you do too. It may not have some of the big 'hits' of the day (Dark Star, etc) but there is some really wonderful explorations. I think if you listen closely you'll hear themes from all sorts of places in this music. Appropriately we start with a Chuck Berry tune - Promised Land.. then move into a hard rockin' Bertha. That flows into a pretty interesting GSET. He's Gone is slower.. but they then move into the real funhouse of the set.. Truckin' into Drums then a wonderful Other One->Spanish Jam.. this one is quite unique.. then they somehow end up in 'I Know You Rider'...

This is a fun ride.. hope you enjoy it!!!


Grateful Dead

War Memorial Buffalo, NY

3/31/73 - Saturday


The Promised Land ->;

Bertha ->

Greatest Story Ever Told ;

He's Gone ->

Truckin' ->

Drums ->

The Other One ->

Spanish Jam ->

I Know You Rider ;

Sugar Magnolia



Casey Jones


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