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The Deadpod

Mar 30, 2012

There were quite a few outstanding shows that took place in early Spring throughout the history of the GD, so picking one for this week's show wasn't that easy. I think this is however a good show from an outstanding tour, Spring of 1987. The band roars out of the gate on Jack Straw, then goes into an outstanding Franklin's Tower, in honor of Philadelphia I presume.. The first set is full of sparkling playing and high energy. I'm personally fond of the Candyman, however, in the more soulful vein..
I'm even willing to give them a pass on the perfunctory 'Don't Ease' which closes the set... the second set next week is very good as well.. The sound quality is not pristine but quite listenable, I think. I hope you enjoy it, and that your Spring is busting out all over too.

3/31/87 - Grateful Dead
The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set One:
Jack Straw ->
Franklin's Tower
C C Rider
Ramble On Rose
Tons Of Steel
Mama Tried ->
Big River
Desolation Row ->
Don't Ease Me In

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