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The Deadpod

Jun 20, 2008

This week we have one of those great shows from 1971 - for a long time the only soundboard in circulation of this show only contained three songs - but luckily for us this has now surfaced and we have the pleasure of listening to this entire show..
I'll play the second set next week, but there's plenty to chew on here - notice of course the very last 'Easy Wind', and a fabulous 'Me & Bobby McGee'...

Grateful Dead Manhattan Center New York, NY
Date 4/4/71 - Sunday
One Bertha ; Me And My Uncle ; Next Time You See Me ; Morning Dew ; Playing In The Band [4:20] ; Loser ; Easy Wind [8:55] ; Me And Bobby McGee ; Greatest Story Ever Told > Johnny B. Goode

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy!!