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The Deadpod

Jan 26, 2024


This week's Deadpod features a historic performance - it occurred on the night the band was 'busted down in New Orleans' - January 30, 1970 at The Warehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Also historic as it was the last show that Tom Constantin played in the Dead.. but aside from that this is a fine show and I...

Jan 19, 2024

Here is the second set from the Grateful Dead's performance at the Oakland Coliseum Arena on January 25, 1993. 

They start with a nice uptempo 'China Cat Sunflower->I Know Your Rider', which gets things off to a very good start. Sadly that tempo is halted with the following 'Way To Go Home'. They then go into another...

Jan 12, 2024

This week's Deadpod features a nice later day show from January 25, 1993 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena.

This one opens with a fine 'Shakedown Street' - always a good omen, and I think the rest of the set is quite nicely played as well. 'The Same Thing' makes an appearance, as does a relatively rare 'Loose Lucy'. One of...

Jan 5, 2024

This week's Deadpod returns for the second set of the band's performance at the Oakland Coliseum Arena on December 27th, 1989. 

Clarence Clemmons makes a surprise appearance on the opening Iko, Iko and adds a great touch here as the band gets the crowd wound up for what is a fine second set. A spacey 'Playin' In...