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The Deadpod

Aug 25, 2017

Usually in the month of August I'm drawn to playing some latter day Dead simply because the power of Garcia's ballads seemed to grow as his other abilities diminished. I also enjoy hearing some of the songs that the band debuted in the latter phase of their existence. Many listeners of the Deadpod only had the chance to see the band live in these latter day concerts as well, so its great to revisit them occasionally. I think the show I've chosen this week is one of the better ones. This occurred on August 22nd, 1993 at Autzen Stadium in Eugene Oregon. While as usual during this time, the first set is not as long as we'd like it is pretty well played. It starts with an interesting Jack Straw - Weir has equipment problems and is absent for most of it, leaving it up to Jerry and Phil to create some interesting interplay. Broken Arrow is a later day Phil addition I always enjoyed, and this is a fine version. The set-closing 'Music Never Stopped' is probably the highlight of this set as it features some nice moments. Next week we'll feature the quite good second set of this show.  


Grateful Dead

Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

Eugene, OR

8/22/93 - Sunday




Jack Straw ;

Bertha ;

Little Red Rooster ;

Broken Arrow ;

Althea ;

When I Paint My Masterpiece ;

Tennessee Jed ;

The Music Never Stopped


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