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The Deadpod

Aug 22, 2014

A classic second set from 1989 on this week's Deadpod.. marking the band's final appearance at the Alpine Valley Music Theater and in a way, the end of an era, as the scene was becoming so large that places, like Alpine Valley, felt they had no choice but to ban the band from returning.

The second set took place in a downpour, and its reflected in some of the song choices.. a beautiful Box of Rain to start the set, then the band goes into one of my favorites that I always felt they didn't explore long enough, Foolish Heart.Looks like Rain follows, and Weir does a great job on the vocals here. Garcia takes the band to Terrapin Station, then a nice drums and space foreshadows The Other One.. Brent and Phil do a nice job on this one and it disolves into The Wheel. Morning Dew puts a cap on the night, and the midwest Summer tour. The band comes out for a spirted Lovelight encore, before departing from the big bowl for the last time.


Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI (7/19/89)
set 2
Box of Rain
Foolish Heart
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Other One
The Wheel
Morning Dew

Turn on Your Love Light


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Thank you my friends for your support of the Deadpod. It is an honor to be able to produce it each week.