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The Deadpod

Apr 1, 2016

Hey Now! No April Fool here!! well yes there is, but its the April Fool the band pulled on its audience 36 years ago, on April 1st 1980, when the boys took the stage and proceeded to swap insturments - Bobby on keyboards, Brent and Jerry on drums, Billy on bass, Michey on rhythm guitar and vocals and Phil Lesh on lead guitar for the weirdest Promised Land ever.. Just had to bring that to you on this week's April Fool edition of the Deadpod.. the rest of the set is straight forward and hard charging... they do a 'real' rendition of Promised Land, followed by a nice Candyman, Uncle->Big River, Friend of the Devil, then a great 'It's All Over Now'. I personally enjoy the set closing Looks Like Rain into a rousing Deal.. We'll hear set 2 next week.. 


Grateful Dead 

Capitol Theatre 

Passaic, NJ  

4/1/80 - Tuesday



The Promised Land (1) [3:03] ;

The Promised Land [3:49] ;

Candyman [6:41] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:02] >

Big River [5:49] ;

Friend Of The Devil[9:22] ;

It's All Over Now [7:02] ;

Don't Ease Me In [3:05] ;

Looks Like Rain [7:27] >

Deal [4:17]  

 (1) instrument swap consisting of (per DeadBase): Bob Weir:keyboards; Brent Mydland and Jerry Garcia: drums; Bill Kreutzmann: bass; Mickey Hart: rhythm guitar and vocals; and Phil Lesh on lead guitar. 



You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I hope everyone is foolish and happy today!!!! 


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