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The Deadpod

Jan 29, 2021

I guess I just can't get enough of that good stuff.. .. :) but at any rate this week I've decided to bring you a rather rare treat. Back in 1971, the band finished a short, 3 show swing in the Northwest with this blistering performance in a small venue in Seattle on a Sunday night. This took place on January 24, 1971. This one is sparkin' from beginning to end, but I've split it up so we will hear part 1 this week and part 2 next week. It starts appropriately, with Truckin', then a wonderful China>Rider, which includes an incredible transition between the two. Pigpen follows with  the old blues standard - 'It Hurts Me Too'. A blistering Cumberland Blues follows, then a better than average 'Casey Jones' - Pig has some nice organ work here!  Sugar Mag closes set one in fine fashion and I can only imagine that everyone was dancing now! I've included the great Pigpen version of  'Hard to Handle' which opened set 2, and gives you a hint of things to come next week. 



Grateful Dead
Seattle Center Arena
Seattle, WA 1/24/71 - Sunday

China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider  
It Hurts Me Too  
Cumberland Blues  
Casey Jones  
Sugar Magnolia
Hard To Handle  

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