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The Deadpod

Jan 12, 2018

A fresh new year brought to my mind a good time to hear the band when they sounded fresh and young - - thus this week's Deadpod from 1/16/70 at Springer's Inn in Portland Oregon.  This is the start of what was a momentous year for the band, and we can hear the enthusiasm and talent of each of them on this fine recording. While there are no long jams or songs on this recording, there is a passion and energy in each of these songs that is a treat to listen to.

I'll play the first part of this recording this week and the second next; while there are some cuts and anomalies, I think you'll agree that it has held up its sonically remarkably well.


Grateful Dead

Springer's Inn Portland, OR

1/16/70 - Friday



Casey Jones [4:33];[0:44] ;

Mama Tried [2:28];[0:33] ;

Black Peter (1) [7:59];[2:38] ;

Hard To Handle [7:07];[0:24] ;

China Cat Sunflower [2:58] >

Jam [2:28] >

I Know You Rider [4:08];[0:30] ;

High Time [7:37];[0:09] %

Good Lovin' [#6:41];[0:10] ;

Dancing In The Street [6:29];[0:29] ;

Alligator [3:40] >

Drums [5:13] >

Jam in 12s [1:45] >

The Eleven Jam [6:45] >

Space [0:14] >

Death Don't Have No Mercy [8:24];[0:14]



You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


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