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The Deadpod

Oct 4, 2019

We start out October with a show from across the pond in London, England on October 3rd, 1981. A well-played, rockin' first set gives a few hints as to the improvisation that will follow in set 2 next week.

'Alabama Getaway' is the opener, not uncommon for the time, and while the sound is a bit dicey at first things clear up nicely for the rest of the set. There's a really nice 'Peggy-O' here, and the 'Little Red Rooster' is a real rocker. 'Bird Song' has some very nice moments from Garcia, and the jam between 'China Cat' and 'I Know You Rider' is quite good as well. Brent is quite featured in the mix throughout, although Bobby's guitar is often a bit too low.




Grateful Dead

Rainbow Theater  London, England

Date     10/3/81 - Saturday    


Alabama Getaway >

The Promised Land ;

Peggy-O ;

Me And My Uncle >

Big River ;

Tennessee Jed >

Little Red Rooster ;

Bird Song >

Looks Like Rain ;

China Cat Sunflower >

I Know You Rider


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I do thank you for listening, and those of you who are able to support the Deadpod!



p.s. I'm supposed to be getting some copies of the new release of 6/17/91 'Saint of Circumstance' CD set. Keep watching this space for details on how you could enter to win a copy !

details on the release are here: