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The Deadpod

May 25, 2012

I know my prejudices are fairly obvious - do I love 1977 Dead shows? Guilty.. I can't seem to go through the month of May without featuring one of these gems and I decided I didn't want to spoil that record this year.. thus this week's show. This is a gem, pure and simple. Beautiful recording, beautiful playing. Check out Jerry on Sugaree, and Donna on Sunrise. Passenger, one of my favorites of this era is a swirling whirlwind of color and sound.. Jack-A-Roe is pretty.. enjoy this.. have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I hope this music helps lubricate it all..

Grateful Dead 
Baltimore Civic Center 
Baltimore  MD

Music Never Stopped
Mama Tried
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
New Minglewood Blues

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I want to wish an old friend of the Deadpod - Robert Keeley a very happy Birthday!
You can view his fine creations here: <a href=""></a>

Finally my most sincere thanks for your kind support. Words can't tell you how much it means to be able to put this out each week.