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The Deadpod

Apr 19, 2012

"Spring hasn't sprung, until the Dead play the Frost" or so goes the saying I used to hear.. and in an attempt to conjure up a more lasting Spring I decided to bring one of their magical concerts from this classic venue to  our Deadpod this week. This concert comes from the  Spring of 1985, surely a  year that doesn't always get much respect, but nonetheless the place for some amazing shows back in the day, and I think you'll agree that this particular event was one of those.. The famous bass line welcomes us to a wonderful Dancin' and we know we're on our way to a fabulous time with the boys. Bertha doesn't give anyone a chance to sit down as Jerry rocks it at a breakneck pace.. a lazy Little Red Rooster follows.. but don't despair.. a great Brown Eyed Women is up next followed by 'My Brother Esau'.. every time I hear that song I'm reminded of a show I saw back in the early 90s where someone just kept yelling .... "Bobby.. are you still boxing with the apocalypse?"

Ramble on Rose is a keeper I think.. well played and Jerry sounds into it and it has that unique 'electic dixieland' sound as David Crosby so well described it.. It is also wonderful that Jerry  is in full and fine voice here and throughout this show.. Phil's 'Tom Thumb' is pleasant and goes into a very fine Cold Rain and Snow.. The set ends with a well developed Music Never Stopped.. the jaming hints at whats coming next week in set 2.. 

Frost Amphitheater (Stanford U), Palo Alto, CA (4/27/85) set 1 Dancin' in the Streets Bertha Little Red Rooster Brown Eyed Women My Brother Esau Ramble on Rose Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues-> Cold Rain and Snow Music Never Stopped

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