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The Deadpod

Feb 18, 2011

Today is the 40th anniversary of this classic Grateful Dead show - just imagine that you were at this show. This show saw the first 'Bertha', the first 'Greatest Story Ever Told', the first 'Johnny B. Goode', the first 'Loser', the first 'Playin' in the Band' and the first 'Wharf Rat'!!!
Not only did this show mark the debut of all these classic Dead shows but also one of the most beautiful, creative and spontaneous jams - the one from Wharf Rat into Dark Star...
this one is well worth playing today especially in this newly released splendid soundboard.. Enjoy..

Grateful Dead - February 18, 1971
Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY

Set 1:
It Hurts Me Too
Greatest Story Ever Told ->
Johnny B. Goode
Mama Tried
Hard To Handle
Dark Star ->
Wharf Rat ->
Dark Star ->
Me And My Uncle

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