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The Deadpod

Sep 28, 2007

It took me a bit to decide what to bring you this week, but after I ran across this show I knew it was the right choice.. This is one of those classic live Dead sets from 1969, this one comes from Boulder CO, April 13th. It features everything you\'d expect - great Pigpen raps, wild, far-out jamming and some magnificent moments from Garcia - most notably on the Dark Star and the Eleven. Personally, I\'m always blown away by a really well-played and heartfelt Death Don\'t Have No Mercy - it ends the set I\'m bringing you this week. I hope you enjoy it...
(note there are some anomalies - Lovelight cuts early, Doin\' that Rag is cut at the start and the Dark Star has a splice.. still I think the outstanding quality more than makes up for them.... )

Grateful Dead Ballroom - University of Colorado Boulder, CO
Date 4/13/69 - Sunday

One [1:45:18 +] Turn On Your Love Light [24:55#] % Doin\' That Rag [#4:18] ; [0:45] ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [8:09] ; [1:05] ; Morning Dew [11:02] [0:14] % Dark Star [24:01] > St. Stephen [7:50] > The Eleven [13:02] > Death Don\'t Have No Mercy [9:55]

As always you can listen to this week\'s Deadpod here: