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The Deadpod

Jan 19, 2007

Hello Friends!
For some reason I always find that the shows from the European 72 tour sound especially good to my ears during the Winter. This week I decided to bring you part of a very nice show from Copenhagen Denmark from April 1972. I think you'll enjoy it - I know I always love having Pigpen in the mix..

Grateful Dead Tivolis Koncertsal København (Copenhagen), Dänemark (Denmark)
4/14/72 - Friday
Bertha [5:46] ; Mr. Charlie [3:35] ; You Win Again [3:35] ; Black Throated Wind [5:48] ; Chinatown Shuffle [2:34] ; Loser [6:12] ; Me And Bobby McGee [5:#40] ; Cumberland Blues [4:16] ; Playing In The Band [11:16] ; Tennessee Jed [7:13]

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