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The Deadpod

Apr 22, 2010

This week we will hear the rest of Grateful Dead's performance at the Scope in Norfolk, VA, on April 3rd, 1982. After that interesting Scarlet->Fire we heard to close last week's Deadpod, the band goes into a fairly long and jammy Estimated, then a nice Eyes into Brent's "Never Trust A Woman" - while this may not have been your favorite back in the day, I admit I really enjoy listening to Brent now.. after the drums/space, the band goes into a nice NFA->Stella Blue.. an always welcome US Blues encore rounds out an enjoyable show..

Grateful Dead - April 3, 1982
Scope - Norfolk, VA

Eyes Of The World ->
Never Trust A Woman ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Not Fade Away ->
Stella Blue ->
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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