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The Deadpod

Mar 16, 2010

Hello Friends! This week more from the wonderful show that took place on March 5th 1972 at Winterland - this second set features a great Pigpen Good Lovin' and a wonderful Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad-Not Fade Away combo.. I've rounded out the hour with a couple tracks from a sweet Legion of Mary show that took place in 1975 at the Bottom Line in NYC.. hope you enjoy it..

Grateful Dead - March 5, 1972
Winterland - San Francisco, CA

Good Lovin'
Not Fade Away->
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad->
Not Fade Away

e: One More Saturday Night

Legion of Mary
the Bottom Line, NYC., NY

I Second that Emotion

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for listening !!
Happy Spring!