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The Deadpod

Nov 24, 2008

This week we have the pleasure of listening to the second set of 6/26/76. Just from the setlist you can see this is a truly classic set.. I have a fondness for a great Playin' and this show also has a wonderful Crazy Fingers, and a beautiful Stella Blue..

Grateful Dead Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL 6/26/76 - Saturday
Two Playing In The Band [15:06] > Saint Stephen [9:46] > The Wheel [5:37] > Playing In The Band Reprise [2:42] % Samson And Delilah [5:46] % Crazy Fingers [8:28] > Stella Blue [10:57] ; [2:27] ; Around And Around [6:55] > One More Saturday Night [4:31]
Encore U.S. Blues [5:07]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for picking us up.. hope you enjoy it!

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