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The Deadpod

Oct 26, 2007

This week we continue with this marvelous show from May 25th, 1972 in London.
We get the last two songs of the first set - including a great Brokedown Palace, then we get what exists of the second set. I'm a sucker for a great Pigpen tune and Chinatown Shuffle sure sounds good to me... Lucky for all of us there's a fabulous Uncle John's->Wharf Rat->Dark Star that survived in tact..

I also wanted to thank everyone once again who contributed to the fall pledge drive.. You folks are SO great! thanks so much!

Grateful Dead Strand Lyceum London, England
Date 5/25/72 - Thursday
from set one: Brokedown Palace ; Casey Jones
Two Me And My Uncle ; Big Railroad Blues [3:25] ; Chinatown Shuffle [2:37] ; Ramble On Rose [6:16] ; Uncle John's Band [8:00] > Jam [1:50] > Wharf Rat [9:#45] > Dark Star [29:#59] > Sugar Magnolia [7:33]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here: