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The Deadpod

Jan 24, 2009

Hello Friends!!
Despite my general state of confusion and uncertainty following my move I decided to share some Grateful Dead music in which I found some comfort this last week..
Not surprisingly, its from 1973 - its not a complete show, but nevertheless I so enjoy the way the band listened to each other and interacted that year that I decided to bring it to you this week.. I think you'll really enjoy the China Doll, Truckin'->Nobody's Fault->Eyes segment in particular...

Grateful Dead Pittsburgh Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA 9/24/73 - Monday

Partial 1st Set: Loose Lucy [6:47] ; Looks Like Rain [7:21] ; Row Jimmy ; Big River [4:35]
Partial 2nd Set: Merry-Go-Round Broke Down ->Greatest Story Ever Told [5:09] ; China Doll [5:41] ; Truckin' [9:02] > Nobody's Fault But Mine* [3:20] > Jam [0:58] > Eyes Of The World [13:34]+
+ = with Martin Fierro and Joe Ellis on horns
* = first Nobody's Fault since 7/17/66 [799 shows]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

thanks so much for being here and for your support - not sure what I would do without the Deadpod!!