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The Deadpod

Sep 9, 2022

This week I'm featuring a show from the famous September 1990 run at Madison Square Garden in NYC, NY. I had thought I'd already played all of this run, but realized I hadn't played this - the first show of the run without Bruce Hornsby. This is a fine show, the band is jazzed to be back at the Garden and I think Jerry is in fine form. 

The opening 'Feel Like a Stranger' is a great choice, and shows the boys are here to play.. a fine 'Sugaree' follows, although I wish Vince would have dialed it down just a bit. The 'Minglewood' that follows is one of the better versions in my opinion. Other highlights here include a fine 'Black Throated Wind' and 'Jack-A-Roe', both of which feature fine vocals from Bob and Jerry, respectively. 

Be sure and also tune in next week for one of the best 'Scarlet>Fire's' of the decade.

Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden
New York , NY 9/14/1990 - Friday


Feel Like A Stranger
New Minglewood Blues
Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Cassidy >
Don't Ease Me In 

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