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The Deadpod

Sep 23, 2022


This week's Deadpod features a 'free' show that took place on the campus of American University in Washington D.C. on September 30, 1972.

This is a fairly standard '72 setlist, however it is a nice collection of well-played standards and we are fortunate to have such a nice recording (albeit there is a cut in the wonderful 'I Know You Rider'). 

Bob Weir is a bit higher in the mix than usual which results in an interesting listen. He is also in fine voice, hitting some higher notes than he was able to a few years later. Besides the aforementioned China>Rider, which is wonderful, some of the other highlights here are an excellent 'Black Throated Wind', 'Birdsong' (before which you can hear Bobby complaining about the stage heaters), a hot 'Big River', and a jammed out 'Playin' In the Band'. 



Grateful Dead
Reeves Field - American University
Washington, DC 9/30/1972 - Saturday    


The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Black Throated Wind
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
El Paso
Bird Song
Big River
Playing In The Band
Casey Jones  

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

"Same old friends the wind and rain, Summers fade and roses die, You'll see summer come again, Like a song that's born to soar the sky."