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The Deadpod

Sep 2, 2016

Happy Labor Day weekend! I'm hoping that this second set - from 8/28/18 in Long Beach California, will provide some sweet musical accompaniment to your your long weekend (assuming you will have one! if not my sympathies!).

This is an excellent set, starting off with a rockin' 'Shakedown Street'. While the 'Lost Sailor' provides a bit of a counter-point, the 'Saint of Circumstance' should put you back in the groove. Garcia's 'Wheel' that follows is a real treat - especially the jam afterwards that goes into Brent's 'Good Time Blues'. Following Drums and Space is a wonderful  'Spanish Jam'. A great bit of music to drift away on! 'Truckin' follows, and I'm afraid Weir is once again a bit lyrically challenged.. 'Wharf Rat' follows in the ballad slot.. once again combining the pathos of August West with the hopes and fears of us all. 

A rousing 'Sugar Magnolia' closes the set, with the boys returning, and helping us bid adieu to summer, with 'US Blues'.


Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA (8/28/81)


set 2


Shakedown Street

Lost Sailor

Saint of Circumstance

The Wheel

Good Time Blues


Spanish Jam


Wharf Rat

Sugar Magnolia


U.S. Blues

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I want to thank the fine folks whose contributions make the Deadpod possible! 


Have a safe and happy Labor Day!