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The Deadpod

Aug 5, 2022

This week's Deadpod features the continuation of the band's performance at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco on July 13, 1976. 

There are issues with the tape on 'Music Never Stopped' but this clears up quickly so please be patient.  'It Must Have Been the Roses' follows, then 'Samson' but the highlight here is a beautiful version of 'High Time'.  After some pause, they go into 'Saint Stephen' into 'Not Fade Away' , quite interesting at times..they then move into 'Sugar Magnolia' and you think that this must be the end of the set, but Jerry comes back with a stunning 'Stella Blue'. They do the 'Sugar Mag' reprise, but then return for a pretty outrageous encore - a long and funky 'Dancin' In the Streets'.. 


Grateful Dead
Orpheum Theatre - San Francisco, CA


The Music Never Stopped [6:03] %
It Must Have Been The Roses [6:50] %
Samson And Delilah [7:12] %
High Time [8:05] %
Saint Stephen [10:55] (1) >
Not Fade Away [4:35] >
Drums [0:18] >
Saint Stephen [0:46] >
Sugar Magnolia [3:33];[2:36] ;
Stella Blue [10:30] >
Sunshine Daydream [3:17]


Dancing In The Street [15:40]

Comments     (1) {Saint Stephen [4:57] > 'transition' Jam [5:58] } 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Stay cool and listen to the music play!