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The Deadpod

Aug 2, 2019

For this 'Days Between' week, on the day following what would have been Jerry Garcia's 77th Birthday, we feature a wonderful set from July 29th, 1974. The band returns following a Seastones' set and leads off with an unusual 'He's Gone'. 'Truckin' follows and while Weir screws up the lyrics, Garcia breaks out into what becomes around a 23 minute jam, in and out of a hint of 'Spoonful' then 'Nobody's Fault' and the first verse of 'The Other One'. There's a great jam out of that into the tight 'Wharf Rat' 'Around and Around' follows them they doubleshift into 'Peggy O'. The 'US Blues' that follows is hot, as is the jam in 'Sugar Magnolia' to close the set. While 'Casey Jones' is listed as the encore, I've read that the band never left the stage...



Grateful Dead

Capital Centre Landover , MD

7/29/74 - Monday



He's Gone [13:21] >

Truckin' [8:35] >

Nobody's Fault But Mine [2:49] >

The Other One [14:39] >

Spanish Jam >

Wharf Rat [9:26] ;

Around And Around [5:11] ;

Peggy-O [6:05] ;

U.S. Blues [5:34] ;

Sugar Magnolia [8:56]


Casey Jones [6:44]

Comments Spanish Jam timing included in the Other one.


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