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The Deadpod

Aug 21, 2020

 August flies... and we are favored this week with a second set from August 12, 1972 in Sacramento California. While most of the band's performances are quite good from this time, each are unique and this second set contains some very good and unique moments. 

The recording unfortunately has a short cut in the opening of the first selection, 'Greatest Story Ever Told', but it, and the following 'Ramble On Rose, and 'Beat It On Down The Line' are rocking, and this is quite a fine recording in my opinion. Jerry's guitar has that sweet twangy tone that sounds, to me so western.. A nice 'He's Gone' follows, leading into the real meat of this set. Following a sort 'Drums' Phil thunders us into 'The Other One'. While I've long since given up rating these, I think its safe to say this one is a keeper. This one really gets rolling and after some outstanding extraterritorial  exploration leads into an unexpected, but poignant 'Black Peter'. The band returns to 'The Other One' for a short reprise with some wonderful piano work by Keith. They come to a stop before returning to a smokin' 'Truckin'. 

The set closes with 'Mississipi Half-Step' into 'Sugar Magnolia' (again with a unfortunate cut). 

'One More Saturday Night' closes what was surely quite an evening... 



Grateful Dead
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, CA 8/12/72 - Saturday

Greatest Story Ever Told [#5:10] ;
Ramble On Rose [5:51] ;
Beat It On Down The Line [3:07] ;
He's Gone [8:53] >
Drums [2:48] >
The Other One [16:45] >
Black Peter [8:54] >
The Other One [3:45] ;
Truckin' [11:44] ;
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [6:05] >
Sugar Magnolia [3:21#]
One More Saturday Night 


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