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The Deadpod

Aug 18, 2017

We have a very fine second set to usher in the start of 'full eclipse' weekend on this edition of the Deadpod! Shows at the Uptown in Chicago were usually great, and this one was no exception. They start with a song they hadn't played since 1965! - Little Red Rooster - while you may have grown tired of it - the audience that night couldn't say the same :) The rest of the set is well played and I really enjoy hearing Brent as he fits into his role with the band at this early stage of his tenure. The highlight here is the wonderful 'Comes A Time'  in the midst of a Playin' sandwich - excellent emotion and playing. The boys do a wonderful Alabama Getaway finale here! Shame that didn't happen more often, then treat the crowd to a Johnny B Goode encore .. I'm sure they were feeling it this night.. 



Grateful Dead

Uptown Theatre

Chicago, IL  8/19/80 - Tuesday



Little Red Rooster [7:42] >

China Cat Sunflower [6:00] >

I Know You Rider [6:10] >

Estimated Prophet [10:09] >

Eyes Of The World [8:20] >

Space [5:20] >

Drums [13:21] >

Space [1:08] >

Playing In The Band [9:18] >

Comes A Time [10:00] >

Playing In The Band [5:56] >

Around And Around [4:12] >

Alabama Getaway [4:42]


Johnny B. Goode [4:19]


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Please be careful and don't look at the sun during that eclipse! 


Ain't No Time to Hate!