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The Deadpod

Aug 14, 2020

 Here's a long and strong first set from that great year in Dead history - 1972. This comes from Sacramento California from August 12, 1972. This is an especially long first set with some nice surprises therein. 'Sugaree' is tinged with some bluesy elements, and I find it quite enjoyable. There's some interesting chatter to the crowd before 'Uncle' :) and the 'Bird Song' that follows is nicely melodic. Another highlight of this set is the 'Playin' In the Band' which has some fine improvisational spaces in it. I do have to warn you that there is a brutal cut in 'El Paso' which then leads into an cut into 'Tennesse Jed'.. I decided to leave what exists here in the interests of completeness.

A beautiful 'Stella Blue' makes a first set appearance.

'Big Railroad Blues' and 'Cumberland Blues' are as rockin' as usual. The 'Casey Jones' that ends the set is quite nice as well.

Bobby introduces Keith and Donna, (although Keith had been with the band since the Fall of '71), and explains that Pigpen is home ill :( 


Grateful Dead
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, CA 8/12/72 - Saturday    
The Promised Land [2:54] ;
Sugaree [7:16] ;
Me And My Uncle [2:57] ;
Bird Song [10:25] ;
Black Throated Wind [6:31] ;
Deal [5:14] ;
El Paso [2:51#] ;
Tennessee Jed [#2:33] ;
Playing In The Band [12:30] ;
Big Railroad Blues [4:05] ;
Cumberland Blues [6:42] ;
Stella Blue [7:26] ;
Jack Straw [#3:38] ;
Casey Jones [6:26] 


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