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The Deadpod

Aug 11, 2017

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This week we have a really fine show from the summer of 1980 - this one takes place at the Uptown Theater in Chicago IL, on August 19th, 1980. They start with a trifecta that really takes off and was only done on two other occasions, the Mississippi Half-Step->Franklin's Tower->Minglewood. Personally I always enjoyed when Franklin's found its way into unusual combinations, and the Minglewood here is really rockin' as well. Other highlights in this fine first set include an excellent Althea, and an extended jam in the (unsual) set closing 'Feel Like a Stranger'. Next week's set 2 is at least equally as fine.




Grateful Dead

Uptown Theatre

Chicago, IL  8/19/80 - Tuesday


Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [9:54] ->

Franklin's Tower [12:11]->

New Minglewood Blues [7:15] ;

Dire Wolf [3:13] ;

Cassidy [4:37] ;

Row Jimmy [11:10] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:07] ->

Big River [5:53] ;

Althea [8:26] ;

Easy To Love You [3:48] ;

Feel Like A Stranger [8:29]


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