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The Deadpod

Jul 8, 2022

 Here's the second set from the band's performance at Autzen Stadium in Eugene on June 23, 1990. 

A rather slow and dreamy 'Eyes of the World' leads us into a great 'Looks Like Rain', Bobby really does it justice here. 'Crazy Fingers' follows and while Jerry's voice is a bit craggy here its still, for me, a pleasure to hear. The band busts it out on the following 'Playin' In the Band' which opens up beautifully into 'Uncle John's Band', then returns for a full-blown 'Playin' Reprise'. 

'The Wheel' flows out of space, then after a rocking 'Miracle', Jerry commands us with a powerful 'Morning Dew'. 

Being Saturday the obligatory "One More Saturday Night' gets the crowd spinning as the band heads for the exits.. 


Grateful Dead
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 6/23/1990 - Saturday


Eyes Of The World [15:24] >
Looks Like Rain [8:35] >
Crazy Fingers [8:24] >
Playing In The Band [10:57] >
Uncle John's Band %
[9:02] >
Playing Reprise [2:11] >
Drums [8:03] >
Space [9:18] >
The Wheel [5:32] >
I Need A Miracle [5:25] >
Morning Dew [10:50]


One More Saturday Night [4:59]  


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

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