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The Deadpod

Jul 8, 2016

As we roll into the heart of summer, it seemed appropriate to me to bring you a show from the fine summer tour of 1990. A request from a listener to the Deadpod, we feature the first set of the Dead's performance on July 14th, 1990 at Foxboro Stadium in Foxboro MA. As was often the case during this tour it was a hot, hot day (my own memories of several shows cause me to break into a sweat). The boys open up with an appropriate 'Shakedown Street' opener, but then lead into one of my least favorite tunes 'Walkin' Blues'. Brent pulls them out of that slump with a fine version of 'Far From Me', followed by Jerry's 'Candyman'. Bobby redeems himself with 'Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again', a tune I personally always enjoy hearing. The set ends with 'Ramble on Rose' and an expected but early sighting of 'One More Saturday Night'. We'll hear an excellent set 2, next week. 


 Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro MA (7/14/90)  Shakedown Street Walkin' Blues Far From Me Candyman Stuck Inside of Mobile Ramble on Rose One More Saturday Night 
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Hope you're having a great July! (I'm seeing Dead & Co on the 7th!)