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The Deadpod

Jul 22, 2016

This week the Deadpod goes back to July 1972 to bring you a show from what could be viewed as a transitional period for the band, July 26th, 1972 from Portland Oregon. This is only the 6th show the band did without Pigpen, and some of the songs we get to hear in this first set are still relatively new. I don't feel the band disappoints  however, certainly not in the massive Dark Star we'll hear next week, but neither in this 12 song, 1 hour 44 minute first set.. 

I hope you agree.. 



Grateful Dead 

Paramount Theatre 

Portland, OR  7/26/72 - Wednesday




Cold Rain And Snow [5;27] ;

Black Throated Wind [5:59] ;

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [6:59] ;

Mexicali Blues [3:29] ;

Sugaree [7;14]  ;

El Paso [4:20] ;

China Cat Sunflower [6:44] >

I Know You Rider [4:51]  ;

Jack Straw [4:54] ;

Tennessee Jed [7:35] ;

Playing In The Band [12:27] ;

Casey Jones [#4:48]  


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