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The Deadpod

Apr 17, 2020

Hello friends.. this week's Deadpod results from a special request and is dedicated to a brother who just lost his battle with cancer - Joel Hatcher. His friend Tiffany who contacted me shared that he was listening to the 'pod throughout his chemo treatments and that he loved the Dead and the Blues. 

This was their first show together and I'm honored to be able to play it in his honor. This show - from December 12, 1989 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood California, is full of positive energy and I thank Tiffany for the chance to play it in Joel's memory.. 


The first set, which we will hear this week, starts out with a strong 'Hell In A Bucket'. A nice 'Sugaree' follows, with Bruce Hornsby joining in on accordion. There are some excellent Garcia fans during this one. Next comes one of the new Brent compositions of the Fall of '89, 'We Can Run' - he sounds great on this, it sounds like he's been playing it forever.  Masterpiece and Loser follow, both solid versions. Another relatively new song follows - 'Victim or the Crime' - while this song would ultimately reside in the second set, this version has a different feel and arrangement to it, one that I find refreshing.  Next up another surprise as Spencer Davis joins the band for 'CC Rider' (the first since April '87) and then 'I'm A Man' - the only version the boys ever did.. always fun to hear the boys stretch out and back up someone like Spencer Davis. 


Grateful Dead
Great Western Forum - Inglewood, CA - Sunday
Set 1:

Hell In A Bucket
Sugaree *
We Can Run, But We Can't Hide
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Victim Or The Crime
C.C. Rider **
I'm A Man **
* w/ Bruce Hornsby
**w/ Spencer Davis on guitar and vocals and Bruce Hornsby on keyboards


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  



Hope you enjoy this one! 


Thank you for your kindness, and take care of yourself and each other...