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The Deadpod

Apr 17, 2015

Spring is finally arriving around here and my thoughts turned to the great Spring tour of Europe 72. Since that tour is completely released on the box set I am going to share with you this week a wonderful set from the fall of 1972. This show took place on October 27th, 1972 in Columbus Ohio. I don't have, nor do I believe there exists, a copy of the first set that matches the quality of the audience recording of set 2 that I've chosen for this week's Deadpod. This is said to be Bear's recording and I would not doubt that from the quality - I do think you'll enjoy it. Beyond that the performance is first rate. Especially from Truckin' through The Other One, to a Mississipi Half-Step(!) the band is on fire. I'm a huge fan fo the Uncle John's encore as well.. a great set from a great year.. I hope you enjoy this one! 

Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH (10/27/72)
Greatest Story Ever Told
Ramble On Rose
The Other One
Mississippi Half-Step
Morning Dew
Tomorrow Is Forever
Promised Land
Sugar Magnolia

Uncle John's Band
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