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The Deadpod

Apr 10, 2020

Strap in for some serious fun on this Good Friday edition of the Deadpod.. the second set from April 2, 1973 at the Boston Gardens is a classic.. There are memorable moments right from the start as Phil warns us to "watch out for the electric popcorn".. 

We get a mix of well played Dead classics, for example the 'Greatest Story Ever Told' is filled with some unique Garcia wahwahs.. 'Loose Lucy' is bluesy and foreshadows what the song will become later on.. The 'Stella Blue' is dreamlike and spacy.. Lest you think you aren't going to get any far-out jams, they bring it on , of all songs, the 'Here Comes Sunshine', which is unique and goes way out there. They bring us back with a fine 'Me and Bobby McGee', then we get a just a hint of 'Weather Report prelude' before they go into a molten 'Eyes of the World'. The 'China Doll' that follows is delicate and dripping with emotion. 

The double encore of 'Johnny B. Goode and We Bid You Good Night' caps off almost four hours of prime Dead.... 



Boston Garden, Boston, MA (4/2/73)
Set 2:
Stage Banter
Ramble On Rose
Me and My Uncle
Mississippi Halfstep
Greatest Story Ever Told
Loose Lucy
El Paso
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Here Comes Sunshine ->
Me and Bobby McGee ->
Weather Report prelude ->
Eyes of the World ->
China Doll
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones

Stage Banter
Johnny B. Goode->
We Bid You Good Night






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