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The Deadpod

Mar 6, 2015

Spring is supposed to be springing .. soon... so I plan to hurry it along with this beauty from 1971 which should generate a little heat... This comes to you from the City of Blues, St. Louis back on March 18th, 1971 (there has been some dustups over that date... some say the 17th.. I have no dog in this fight).. As with most artifacts from that year this one should please all but the Touchiest of Heads.. :) 

There are plenty of standards here in set 1 and best of all plenty of PIGPEN ;) 

Check out the fabulous version of Me & Bobby McGee, China-Rider and *the Rub* :) 

set 2 should provide some mindmelting jams next week... 


Grateful Dead

Fox Theatre St. Louis, MO

3/18/71 - Thursday



Casey Jones ;

Me And My Uncle ;

Big Boss Man ;

Bertha ;

Me And Bobby McGee ;

Loser ;

China Cat Sunflower >

I Know You Rider ;

The Rub ;

Playing In The Band ;

Cumberland Blues


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